[python 3. 8.x]: Robot framework IDE aka RIDE installation on Windows 10

In this article, we will see how to install RIDE and Robot framework with python 3.8.x. Since Robot framework is having dependency on the python version, version mismatch will cause installation failure. At the time when this article is written, the latest python available is python 3.10. But as per RIDE documentation, it is not yet stable with python 3.9 and 3.10

Step 1: Install Python

python 3.8.x installation

  • Verify the python version
C:\Users\***t>python -V
Python 3.8.10

Step 2: Install wxPython

We need to install wxPython . Refer official documentation,  for more details, we can install the latest wxPython using below command

pip install -U wxPython


Step 3: Install Robot Framework

Install robot framework using pip. This will install the latest stable robot framework.

pip3 install robotframework --no-cache-dir command

Install robot

Step 4: Install Robotframework-ride

Use any One option for installation.; For this article i have used Option 2

Option 1:

  • Install stable version
pip install robotframework-ride

Option 2:

  • Install Beta version
pip install --pre robotframework-ride

Step 5: Install psutil

Install psutil module using below command

pip install psutil

Verify RIDE installation

Navigate to the python installation path. We have already noted down this path from step 1. But if you failed to note it, execute the below command

where python

where python

Inside the python installation path in my case it is "C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\"
execute the below command to get the RIDE GUI

python Scripts\ride.py

navugating to gui

Once the above command is executed, RIDE GUI will be opened.( If you are getting error on the cmd, pls see the known issues and Workaround section)


Known bugs and Work Arounds

Issue1 :  If you are getting below error

<class 'robotide.preferences.configobj.UnreprError'> Parse error in value at line 0. 
<class 'robotide.preferences.configobj.UnreprError'> Parse error in value at line 3
    • If you have installed ride using Option 1 mentioned in Step4.Follow the below steps to overcome this issue
      • Uninstall the ride using below command and install using Option 2
pip uninstall robotframework-ride

Issue 2: If you are seeing any oneof the two screens

known issue 2         known issue

  • Install psutil module by following  Step 5


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