SOLVED: Kubernetes Load Balancer External IP Pending State

Issue: Load Balancer service stuck at assigning external IP

  • Kubernetes Load Balancer External IP Pending state is a common issue seen in standalone clusters when deploying load balancer service.
  • This is more of a expected behaviour rather an issue
  • When using a cloud provider like GCP, AWS or Azure, the Cloud provider himself will assign external ip for the load balancer service. But for each ip they will charging extra


  • MetalLB can be used for solving this issue. MetalLB is a load-balancer implementation for bare metal Kubernetes clusters, using standard routing protocols.
  • More info on MetalLB can be found here
  • Metal LB will be configured inside our Kubernetes cluster where we are working on.


  • Metal LB can be deployed with 3 simple commands. But before we start the deployment, we need to
    • identify free ips for the Metal LB to assign to Kubernetes Load balancer service.
    • which mode kube-proxy is running
  • In my case , my cluster's nodes are  on subnet, and i have identified 3 free ips in this subnet. Similarly for your setup, you can identify the free ips in your subnet and have the ips handy (
  • If Kube proxy is running in IPVS mode, then we need to enable strict ARP mode
[root@host-10-39-251-137 ~]# kubectl get configmap -n kube-system kube-proxy -o yaml |grep mode
    mode: "ipvs"
[root@host-10-39-251-137 ~]# kubectl get configmap -n kube-system kube-proxy -o yaml |grep strictARP
      strictARP: false

[root@host-10-39-251-137 ~]# kubectl edit configmap -n kube-system kube-proxy

[root@host-10-39-251-137 ~]# kubectl get configmap -n kube-system kube-proxy -o yaml |grep strictARP
      strictARP: true

Metal LB deployment steps

  • Kuberenetes declartive method is suggested by Metal LB for deployment using MANIHEST provided by the Metal LB team and at the time of this article is written, metallb/v0.12.1 is latest stable version .
    • Official MetalLB deployment and documentation can be found here 
  • Create namespace
[root@host-controller ~]# kubectl apply -f
namespace/metallb-system created
  • Deploy required manifest files
[root@host-controller ~]# kubectl apply -f
Warning: policy/v1beta1 PodSecurityPolicy is deprecated in v1.21+, unavailable in v1.25+
podsecuritypolicy.policy/controller created
podsecuritypolicy.policy/speaker created
serviceaccount/controller created
serviceaccount/speaker created created created created created created created created created created created
daemonset.apps/speaker created
deployment.apps/controller created
  • Once the MANIFESTs are deployed we can see that pods are spawing in namespace metallb-system. But speaker pod of the MetalLB which is deployed as part of Daemon set, will be in CreateContainerConfigError .
  • This is because, we have not supplied the external ips which we have identified for Load Balancer as config map to the namespace.
[root@host-controller ~]# kubectl get all -n metallb-system
NAME                              READY   STATUS                       RESTARTS   AGE
pod/controller-7476b58756-74cmw   0/1     ContainerCreating            0          20s
pod/speaker-lqvp6                 0/1     ContainerCreating            0          20s
pod/speaker-rxclp                 0/1     CreateContainerConfigError   0          20s
pod/speaker-xbfsn                 0/1     CreateContainerConfigError   0          20s


[root@host-controller ~]# cat configmap.yaml 
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  namespace: metallb-system
  name: config
  config: |
    - name: default
      protocol: layer2
  • Once the configmap is applied, we can see that the speaker pods are running.
[root@host-controller ~]# kubectl get all -n metallb-system
NAME                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
pod/controller-7476b58756-74cmw   1/1     Running   0          3m20s
pod/speaker-lqvp6                 1/1     Running   0          3m20s
pod/speaker-rxclp                 1/1     Running   0          3m20s
pod/speaker-xbfsn                 1/1     Running   0          3m20s

Verification of the LoadBalancer service with MetalLB

  • lets try to expose the ngnix deployement via Load Balancer, which was stuck at pending state for assigning external ip. Im using an existing ngnix deployment which i brought up, details of the  same can be found here
[root@host-controller~]# kubectl expose deploy ngnix-data-hub -n lb --target-port=80 --port=9843 --type LoadBalancer -n lb
service/ngnix-data-hub exposed
[root@host-controller~]# kubectl get svc -n lb
NAME             TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)          AGE
ngnix-data-hub   LoadBalancer   9843:32474/TCP   8s
  • We could see that the external ip is now got assigned and is the first ip from the range which we have passed to the metallb-system namespace
[root@host-10-39-251-137 ~]# curl
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Welcome to nginx!</title>
html { color-scheme: light dark; }
body { width: 35em; margin: 0 auto;
font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; }
<h1>Welcome to nginx!</h1>
<p>If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and
working. Further configuration is required.</p>

<p>For online documentation and support please refer to
<a href=""></a>.<br/>
Commercial support is available at
<a href=""></a>.</p>

<p><em>Thank you for using nginx.</em></p>

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